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Hi, Welcome!

The Random Recs Depository is designed to provide good recs on books/fan fiction in the following fandoms:

- All Fiction Books (Printed)
- Due South
- Wilby Wonderful
- Stargate SG-1
- Doctor Who
- Waking the Dead
- Battlestar Galactica
- London's Burning
- Spooks

With the occasional related randoms thrown in. Please feel free to post your own Recs for these fandoms here as well. Although please use cuts where appropriate and follow the following heading.

In Subject: REC [Title of Fandom] [Pairing if any]
In Message:
[Title of Fandom]
[Title of Rec]
[Keywords - such as first time fic, death fic ect]
[Link if availble]

All Recs for the fandoms listited are welcome including Slash, Het, Gen, Up to NC-17, RPF ect.

This community is designed for adults over the age of eighteen or the legal age in their area, I accept no responsiblity for what little kiddies may read.

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